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What happened to the MsMichelle thread? [LOCKED]

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#1 Posted by darwincd22 on 05:47 26-10-2011
Anyone know why it was, I assume, deleted?
Can we restart or move the thread elsewhere?
* This post has been modified by darwincd22 on 01:40 27-10-2011
#2 Posted by EricLindros on 06:36 26-10-2011
It's been moved to a non-public forum until we can clarify what the best course of action to take is. The thread will either be deleted or removed of all pictures.

MsMichelle does not want her pictures posted and it's been WBW's longstanding policy to remove pictures of a woman if she so requests.

Therefore we ask that you do not start another thread or post her pictures here.

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#3 Posted by bookitt on 19:42 26-10-2011
I find it interesting that Michele continues to ask people NOT to post pictures. A quick google search will ALWAYS turn up pics of her. I believe she should just realize that its a losing proposition to censor pictures that SHE HERSELF posted originally. She gives the excuses that she doesn't want her stepsons to see any pics, yet she still posts topless and see thru pics on her own website and yahoo group. (which i'm sure they can gain access to) She also talks about possibly losing her career over these "bad" pics. Which career is she afraid of losing?...modelling bikinis that in many cases are see thru leaving nothing to the imagination,(like Look Swimwear) or her stint on the Foxxy Forum radio show which discusses everything from anal intercourse to squirting!
Although I feel for her somewhat, the fact is, she's a total hypocrite! She must be very naive not to realize that many of the doors that have opened for her, have been BECAUSE of the pictures found on the internet,and her reputation at Fantasy Fest. (her stint at WDAE620 comes to mind...she posted lots of "sheer bikini" pics on there as well, washing a Hummer, on top of her "sports flashes"...ALWAYS in bikinis or various states of undress)
Bottom line...I totally understand not posting watermarked pics, but any pics that are not watermarked or were taken publicly (eg. Fantasy Fest, Ybor Festival, etc.) should not be banned.

That's my two cents. Thanks for letting me vent.
#4 Posted by charlescass1 on 21:09 26-10-2011
Well I think its kinda obvious whats happening here. As much as we all hate to admit it, our VW Michele has grown up. Having kids and a husband will do that to you. Gone are the days of posting RedCloud pictures and walking around Key West naked. With the age of the internet, you can find out just about anything about everyone. As our lives go in different directions some of the things we did when we were younger can actually hurt, or put at risk our families or future opportunities. Don't get me wrong..... the pictures that have shown up on this tread were ALL awesome! But, having your son's buddies find pictures of his mom sucking some guys dick may get a little embarrasing. That said, she has gone to great lengths to clean up the explicid stuff from the early days, we should respect her wishes and not re-post them. Besides, there are alot of really sexy ones out there on her sites (FREE). Still a classy lady with one sweet ass!
#5 Posted by calinative on 22:06 26-10-2011
word to all of the young girls out their.. the internet does not have a "redo" button. If you think removing a tattoo is a pain in the ass, try and get naked pictures off the internet... good luck with that.

By the way. I know that Michelle girl. Met her at Hyde Park in Tampa a long time ago when they had the jazz festivals monthly. She is a total hottie and a nice person. However, she also new how to play up to her "ASSetts".. Dont feel sorry for her, she know EXACTLY what she was doing back then....

Thanks for the memories Michelle... it was a fun ride.
#6 Posted by bookitt on 22:56 26-10-2011
I would agree with charlescass1 that Michele's "grown up", except that she CONTINUES to post some of her own pics that, as I said before, leave nothing to the imagination. If she was serious about the "damage" that posing questionable pics presents, then she should delete all of the "tittilating" pictures that her yahoo group and website still display. Also keep in mind,some of her Fantasy Fest pics were taken as late as 2007. She was in her mid thirties at that point, not a naive young girl. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
#7 Posted by msmichele on 00:54 27-10-2011
Wow...where to begin? The moderators here have been kind enough to delete the thread with my photos at my request.

Contrary to what someone alluded to, I do NOT post any topless, see-thru, semi nude or nude photos of myself on the internet anymore. Malibustrings has removed any that were topless.

There are many speculative thoughts and accusations about me and my life that I'd like to clarify. It all started when someone posted a pic of me on VW one year after FF ~ 2001. I started posting pics of myself when my son was quite young and never surfed the internet and before I was even engaged. I was dumb and naive to post w/o realizing the implications. It was just so much fun at the time and after being in an emotionally abusive marriage from 17-25 yrs old, the feedback helped reverse the effects from that period of my life. It was like a drug and I just wanted more of it.

Fast forward to 5 weeks before I get married. Pictures were found by my neighbors, my husband's work and his ex-wife. He nearly got fired (we had to hire a lawyer to prevent that), his ex-wife nearly tried to take the kids away and my entire neighborhood treated me like I had a scarlett letter in my front yard. Worse, I panicked because a neighbor went to school at the time (my son was still in high school) and I feared she would tell my son's friends, which would have been disastrous! That's when I shut down my website.

It wasn't until a friend of mine submitted photos of me to a local talent agency that I began to do mainstream, commercial work. I audition for some very conservative companies. I was even fired from one of the best gigs I got (a commercial that was going to be recurring) b/c someone emailed a collage of photos of me from the internet that they dug up. I was very fortunate that agency didn't remove me from their talent pool. So that is what I do now as a career... I don't model bikinis other than Boating Magazine which is not nearly as sexy as Malibustrings. I do mostly tv commercials and spokesmodel gigs. If the talent agencies I'm working for knew the extent of my previous exposure, they would surely fire me and I would either have to move out of the state or give up this business forever. More importantly, my step kids who were 3 and 6 when I first started posting are 14 and 16 and are much more likely to see photos of me if they searched for it. I don't want to make it easy for them to see it. I am an integral part of their lives as they are in mine and it would greatly adversely affect them. Should I have thought about that when I posted them myself years ago? Sure! But I had no idea what turns my life would take and didn't look beyond the present.

After reading some of your posts here, it sounds like you regard me as some bimbo who posted nude pics of herself on the internet and who doesn't deserve to try to live a normal, "clothed" life after the fact. Will a google search turn up pics of me? Sure... but a) not many, b) not explicit and c) will continue to do so as long as people like you guys here continue to post them. Some photos I post may be sexy but they aren't so sexy that I would be fired if an agent or client saw them.

There are thousands of sexy, young beautiful women for any of you to look at. Can you please just forget about me and focus on them?

I also have to ask.... what satisfaction do you derive from posting my photos publicly? Is it so important to you that you have to continue to do it when it could potentially ruin my life? Is it REALLY that important to you???? I know I made the mistake of posting them myself at one time but I also know I'm not the only one on here with regrets. If you tried to make changes in your life and people you didn't even know and who don't care about you prevented you from making those changes, would you then possibly know how I feel?

It's a simple request. Please stop sharing the photos you have of me with other people. I'm not asking for your first born or to even exert any effort. If anything, I'm saving you time. Please, please let me put that part of my life behind me.
#8 Posted by Anonymous on 01:35 27-10-2011
Originally posted by msmichele
After reading some of your posts here, it sounds like you regard me as some bimbo who posted nude pics of herself on the internet and who doesn't deserve to try to live a normal, "clothed" life after the fact. Will a google search turn up pics of me? Sure... but a) not many, b) not explicit and c) will continue to do so as long as people like you guys here continue to post them. Some photos I post may be sexy but they aren't so sexy that I would be fired if an agent or client saw them.

i kind of agree.

who are you guys to judge her?

she realizes her mistakes. you guys don't need to rub it in her face. and like she said, there is thousands of other pictures to look at. why write a whole paragraph on how she's a hypocrite for regretting letting naked pictures of herself surface all over the internet.

move on. it's a thread for crying out loud.
#9 Posted by DEMO on 01:39 27-10-2011
Okay, before this gets out of hand, the decision has been made, there is no more need to talk about her decision, or the fact her pics will no longer be posted here...

Topic locked

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